The U.S. Needs Chemical Policy Reform

We Need Federal Chemical Policy Reform

Out of nearly 100,000 chemicals being used in the body and skin care industry today, less than 10% of them have been tested for safety! Did you know… the FDA does not require pre-market testing or health studies before products are sold.  They have left it up to you, the consumer, to read the labels and do your own research; to check out what all those ingredients, you can’t spell or pronounce, are doing to your body.

Since 1976 the US has banned only 5 chemicals to the 1500 that have been banned in the European Union; and we’ve only banned a total of 11 in our history!  That’s right, just 11! AND we haven’t passed any new regulatory laws on cosmetic ingredients since 1938!

We did pass the Toxic Substances Control Act  in 1976, but it falls far short of what is truly needed. Our government is getting ready to update the #TSCA but it’s leaving it to the Chemical Companies, lobbyists, to write it!  Unbelievable!  We need real reform and States need the ability to enforce any regulations that are put into place.

Breast Cancer Funds - Why Federal Chemical Policy Needs Reform

Toxic chemicals are know to create major health issues including, Infertility, Birth Defects, Reproductive Problems, Learning Disabilities, not just Skin Allergies and some studies even include Cancer in this list!  In her average daily skincare routine the average woman uses over 500 chemicals everyday.  With the skin absorbing between 60-80% of what you put on it and being the largest organ in the body, we should adopt the stance “if you can’t eat it and you can’t pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t be putting it on your body”.  Studies show that percentage increased in children by 40-50%, putting them at an even higher risk for disease when exposed to these toxin ingredients.

These toxins are lurking in our homes, kitchens, and our bathrooms.   Have you read the ingredients in your favorite products lately?  You might want to check them out.  Here are a couple of great apps that can help you evaluate the products your family uses.

EWG's Skin Deep | Cosmetics Database   Think Dirty App



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