I have just begun my blogging efforts, so bare with me as my style and following takes shape.  I am passionate about providing you relevant material about the various topics of personal choice; enabling you to make the best choices for yourself as well as your family.

Some of topics I’m likely to write about are:

  • toxic chemicals in the home
  • skin care ingredients
  • non-toxic beauty products
  • quick healthy meals
  • healthy snacks for weight loss
  • processed foods
  • genetically modified food labeling
  • gmo corn


The question of why marijuana should be legal; persons needing alternative medical choices should have legal marijuana as an option.  And I’m not even touching on the tax revenue benefits to state governments.

Basically I believe we should roll back time to a simpler and less regulated time where individuals took personal responsibility for the choices they make and maybe a period in our history when life was a little less complicated.

Check back frequently to see how things are progressing!



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